Lunch: Smoked Mackerel

Switching from a lifetime on a low fat diet to a LCHF diet is a mental challenge as much of a physical one. Its hard initially to get your head around the fact that you should be eating more healthy fats. I found Nina Teicholz book “The Big Fat Surprise” an excellent read in this regard as the entire history of nutrition since the 1960s is so well mapped out with the corresponding impact on health. She spends quite a bit of time talking about good fats and bad fats.

So good fats all are unprocessed, including Extra virgin olive oil, animal fats from natural sources, coconut oil, butter. Bad fats are heavily processed and refined. Included in this category are seed oils of all types and transfats, no spreads of any type or margarines.

I buy a few packets of smoked mackerel in Aldi each week, I find it great for lunch and it’s high in fat (24%) of the right type. It has the added advantage of also being high in Omega3, so no need for those annoying fish oil supplements to keep the joints in good working order. Half a packet with a few other bits and bobs usually does the trick.

Yesterday I grilled the mackerel with a few olives, cherry tomatoes and a few slices of mature cheddar. Tasty.