Low Carb Crackers : A Bread Alternative

If you saw this list of ingredients on a menu would you be inclined to order it to eat?



Well this is typical of the ingredients of processed bread and bread rolls. Full of those very bad fats, sugar and with a GI load to drive your insulin through the roof. Remember if you can’t burn carbohydrate immediately the liver turns it into fat and sends it to be stored in fat cells. Carbohydrates stimulate your appetite to eat more of the same you so you end up in a viscious cycle.

A fantastic resource for all the facts on diet and the history if how our society has reached epidemic proporations of obesity, have a look at realmealrevolution.com This is the brain child of professor Tim Noakes, who ran over 70 marathons and ultra-marathons, follows a low fat diet during all this period and then was diagnosed as being Type 2 diabetic. He has now come full circle to being a leader in the world of LCHF.

As a former bread addict I find these low carb seedy crackers a great alternative. These crackers are easy to make, are grain and artificial ingredient free.


I buy all the raw seeds in Aldi. Mix together 100g sunflower seeds, 100g pumpkin seeds, 30g linseed, 100g sesame seeds, half a teaspoon of salt and  2 dessertspoons of psylium husks (get in a health food shop). Add approx 180 ml of water and leave to soak for about 15 minutes until the mixture is gloopy. Spread out onto parchment paper on a baking sheet (don’t use greaseproof or they will stick to it like glue!) and bake in the oven for 1 hour 20 minutes at 150 deg C. You can play around with the recipe to add your own favourite flavours e.g. garlic, herbs etc


They are great for a snack or a light meal and again, the kids love

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