Soup: Chicken Broth

There is a large amount of evidence for the benefits of bone broth. Correctly made, it contains calcium, magnesium and gelatin. It reduces inflammation, helps with joint health and also promotes good digestion. It is a great staple of an LCHF diet.

A pressure cooker is essential to make this broth to avoid having your ingredients boiling for 12 hours.

I cook the leftover carcass of a free range roasted chicken with salt, pepper and some bay leaves in the pressure cooker for 45 minutes to get a very full flavoured chicken broth. When on a LCHF diet, it helps to get salt into your diet as there is no salt incoming to the body from processed food.

Lunch today consisted of left over roast chicken with guacamole and a large cup of chicken broth, ideal for warming you up on a cold day.




6 thoughts on “Soup: Chicken Broth

  1. hi, great blog!!

    i have recently discovered LCHF and am looking at the science currently. Its all very counter-intuitive, but the more I investigate the less “Counter” LCHF becomes.

    My downfall is Cooking/Recipes! I do neither, so yr blog is really giving me so great ideas. I found yr blog via Ivor Cummins.

    kind Regards, Nick


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Nick.
      The evidence is overwhelming for the benefits of LCHF.
      I do fine though that it is really important to cook or it will be very difficult to stick to. I find that I need to do a full shop once per week to keep the fridge stocked so there are no excuses. I buy lots of meat, fresh and smoked fish, eggs, butter, and loads of non starchy veg. Tins of fish are very handy too as are raw nuts.
      My recipes are not difficult…if you can read you can cook…give it a go!
      best regards,


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