Burgers with Crispy Bacon and Cheese

Another recent article on the U-turn on fat describes how Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra calls for the end to 40 years of advice to cut saturated fat – which has been described as “the greatest medical error of our time”.

Many experts now claim the guidance has left millions of people at risk of developing cardiovascular ­disease and “led to the over-medication of millions of people with statins”. Read the article for the full details.

This recipe is for a weekend lunch which serves 4: Burgers with Crispy Bacon and Cheese.


  • 800g Minced beef
  • 8 streaky rashers
  • 200g (8oz) Mature cheddar cheese
  • Wholegrain mustard
  • Gherkins

Season the meat with salt and pepper and make it into burger size patties with your hands.

Fry the rashers on a frying pan until they are crispy. Set them aside and place the burgers onto the pan on a medium heat in the fat that has come from the rashers. When the underside of the burger is well browned, flip each one and continue to fry until the other side is browned and the centre of the burger is cooked through. Check this by pressing the burger.

Assemble each burger with a rasher and slice of cheese and toast under the grill until the cheese is bubbling.

Here they are served with wholegrain mustard, gherkins and Kimchee (pickled cabbage) on the side. No need for a burger bun or tomato ketchup!

More on Kimchee at a later date.