A Weekend Treat: Red wine and Dark Chocolate

Well it is the weekend after all. If you are avoiding sugar, it’s still possible to enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink, red wine in particular is one of the lowest in sugars and thankfully its my favourite! Its just important for it to be in moderation.

Red wine and dark chocolate are the perfect partners. Again with the objective being to keep sugars low, I opt for at least 85% good quality dark chocolate, usually Lindt or Green and Blacks. When you don’t have a taste for sugary food, a couple of squares of dark chocolate is plenty to satisfy.

Today I made some dark chocolate sweets. I had a very strong 90% cocoa solids bar which I used it to make these Orange and Almond Bites. Scale up the quantities as you like, I did small amounts as it was a little bit of an experiment.





  • 25g of almond slivers toasted in the oven at 180 deg C for 8 minutes
  • 50g of dark chocolate melted over a basin of boiling water
  •  Zest of half an orange

To make the Almond bites, stir the orange zest and toasted almonds into the melted chocolate and make small blobs on parchment paper to set.

Very decadent with a glass of red wine!