Dinner: Chops with Spicy BBQ sauce – Finger Licking Good

Ireland is predicted to be the fattest country in Europe by 2013. Results presented to the 22nd European Congress on Obesity in Prague in 2015 predicts that in 15 years,  89% of Irish males are likely to be overweight, and 48% bordering on obesity. For women, it’s bad news too, with an predicted increase in overweight from 57% in 2010, to 85% in 2020, and an increase in obesity from 23% to 57%.

That’s all according to the excellent  Dr Neville Wilson, the medical Director of Leinster Clinic in Maynooth. He argues in his blog post that the USDA Food Pyramid incorrectly promotes eating an excess of carbohydrates, and restricts healthy dietary fats, resulting in the obesity crisis we have today. Carbohydrates trigger for insulin production and triglyceride formation, which leads to increased fat storage and weight gain, with increased risk for developing insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease.

He states that “The unwarranted fears of consuming healthy saturated fats like butter, eggs, whole milk, tropical oils and grass fed animal meat has promoted a climate of fat-phobia, with the unhealthy consequences of low fat consumption of popular products, which are invariably high in sugar content and harmful to health”.

Read his blog for the full details.

In today’s  LCHF recipe,  I used venison chops, but lamb chops would work equally well.


  • 3 chops on the bone per person
  • A handful of fresh rosemary (or herb of choice)
  • 6-10 whole cloves of garlic, no need to peel
  • salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 180 deg C. Place the chops into a roasting tray with the garlic, herbs and salt and pepper. Cover fully with tin foil and cook in the oven for 1 hour 15 minutes or until really tender. Serve with low carb spicy BBQ sauce and Kimchee or a side salad. Finger licking good!