An LCHF Food Pyramid

So what does an LCHF food pyramid look like? Not surprisingly, it’s quite different from the standard USDA one.

The Edify Food Pyramid


One of the keys to success when following an LCHF lifestyle is having the right food available to you and ideally cooking it yourself. It is so important to be prepared and plan your meals in advance. Remember that it is as easy to eat well as it is to eat badly. You can make life easier for yourself too by cooking larger batches and freezing some for another day.

And what does a weekly shop for a family of 2 adults and 2 young children following an LCHF lifestyle look like. Well here is an example of one.


The key point to note here is all the food is whole and unprocessed, no refined carbohydrates or unhealthy fats. Every thing is full fat.