Lunch: Warm Chicken Salad

A recent report by the BBC shows the world wide trend in overweight and obesity.


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As Dr Andreas Eenfeldt who runs  says “Obviously this is not due to a sudden world-wide loss of character. It’s because of a change in the environment: a fear of natural fat, a shortage of real unprocessed foods and (most of all) easy access to massive amounts of sugar and other refined carbs.”

For those of you living in Ireland, RTE have an interesting series running on Wednesdays called “What Are You Eating”. Last night they made “natural” home made butter and “unnatural” home made margarine. When you see the ingredients which are used to make margarine, it is quite repulsive. Not to mention the taste. Watch it here

Today’s lunch is a Warm Chicken Salad, using the leftovers from a roasted chicken. I also had some leftover chicken fat from the roasted chicken and so that is what I used to fry the chicken. Fully natural, very delicious.

It’s served on a bed of baby gem lettuce, sliced red pepper, sliced celery and onion, dressed with EVO and lemon juice.