A Snack: Cheese


“It’s no secret that hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance underlie a vast array of chronic health conditions, affecting everything from reproductive health to cognitive function, to cardiovascular disease and “idiopathic” issues, such as vertigo, tinnitus, and ”essential hypertension.”  People unnecessarily “may spend decades being treated with pharmaceutical drugs and other interventions that are completely ineffectual for improving their health because they are aimed solely at ameliorating symptoms, rather than addressing the root cause.”

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Thanks to my friend the Fat Emperor for sharing this one. Check out his brilliance on thefatemperor.com

Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance comes from consuming excessive carboydrates. Rather than consuming a sugary low fat yoghurt for a snack, why not try a few pieces of full fat cheese. In fact, you may find that it will be enough for a full meal if you are following an LCHF  lifestyle.