An Olympic Gold Medal

If Sonia O’Sullivan was robbed of a gold medal she deserves one for this article in yesterdays Irish Times where she talks about LCHF diet. It seems that she was essentially a low carb athelete in her prime, but perhaps a little light on the fats.

I really like her comment ” I love food too, and so am always open to new ideas about good nutrition, not just for the body but the mind too”. I believe that it is so important in life to keep an open mind and let real data help form your opinions. Lets hope that we can influence the health and nutrition sector to embrace this way of thinking.

Read her article here where she refers to the excellent Real Meal Revolution cook book which I regularly use

I wonder how many of the 2016 Olympic Atheletes will have trained fat adapted?

As summer has finally arrived in Ireland, or at least for today, I have decided to cook some Olympic quality sausages on the Barbeque this evening. Ideal LCHF fodder, looking forward to it!