Butter is good for you! And the Real Cause of Heart Disease

Contrary to what the USDA food pyramid would say, butter is not bad for you, in particular as a staple in an LCHF or Banting diet. And it does not give you heart disease!

I was lucky enough to attend a superb talk and discussion session last week at Dublin City University, where my friend and former colleague Ivor Cummins explained the root cause of heart disease and the simple coronary calcification test that can be done to detect the presence of disease.

Here is the link to his 40 minute talk. Watch it, it could save your life.

So yes, Carbohydrates are the source of heart disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

In Ireland, we are lucky enough to have our dairy herd grass fed for most of the year and the butter is top quality. Use is as a healthy fat in your cooking and avoid inflammatory seed and vegetable oils at all costs.

And of course it tastes so much better too!