Flaxbread from The Ketogenic Kitchen

20160517_215041 (1).jpg


I have just recently acquired a copy of the excellent new publication The Ketogenic Kitchen. This is the first real hardcore Keto cook book to originate from Ireland. Ketogenic diets are being used by leading physicians and dieticians as part of the therapy for cancer patients. Both the authors of this book have experience of this and used low carb and ketogenic diets to help manage their illness. The book is inspiring, full of lots of hard facts and data, which I personally love. And the recipes look great.

I made the flaxbread, which clocks in at only 6% net carbs.

I was a little dubious about the look of it at first as it didn’t rise much, but I can safely say that it tasted superb, especially with lots of butter on it. It took about 8 minutes to make with the aid of a grinder and food mixer and 45 minutes to cook.

I am not going to share the recipe as I think the book is a brilliant investment so check it out if you want to try it!