The Likely Journey for LCHF

Here is a very recent interview of the superb Tim Noakes by the equally superb Fat Emperor aka Ivor Cummins.

Ivor talks to Tim about how he discovered LCHF after being diagnosed as a T2 diabetic after years of carb loading as an elite athlete. He also talks about the challenges that are being faced in getting the world to denounce sugar. Big food and big pharma and established institutions being tough adversaries.

I found it very interesting to note that when people first switch to LCHF that before they lose any weight, their blood pressure normalises. So one of the simplest signs of metabolic syndrome is elevated blood pressure. So watch that measure carefully!

At the weekend I cooked beef brisket, a cheap and fatty cut of meat. I had to order it from my local butcher, 2kg cost 15 euro.

I cooked it at 160 deg C in a covered pot for 5 1/2 hours, rubbed with 2 tsp of  smoked paprika and in about 1 litre of stock with some finely chopped onion carrot and celery. The long cooking time is required to get the meat really tender.

Melt in the mouth and all the stock and veggies turned into ready made gravy. Not a stock cube or gravy granule in sight!

And there was loads left over for a really delicious beef chilli the next day too.