Salmon with Cream Cheese and Parma Ham

Oily fish such as salmon is a really great source of Omega 3 fats which we need lots of for good health. This is a superfast recipe, ideal for mid week or when you are in a rush. Serves 1, so multiply up per person Ingredients: 1 fresh salmon fillet 1 tblsp cream cheese e.g. … Continue reading Salmon with Cream Cheese and Parma Ham


Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats

A low carb diet means that healthy fats must be increased. However the type of fat matters greatly. Healthy fats include butter, ghee, coconut oil, rendered animal fats, extra virgin olive oil. Seed and vegetable oils are heavily processed and often oxidised, causing excessive Omega 6 fats in the body resulting in inflammation and so … Continue reading Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats