Liver: Japanese Style

Liver can take a bit of getting used to due to its strong flavour and texture, but it is a fantastic source of nutrients. Have a look at this nutrient table from Chris Kessners blog. It beats vegetables and red meat by a long shot. This recipe serves 2 adults and has a real Asian feel … Continue reading Liver: Japanese Style

Steak and Stir Fried Chinese Veggies

Some recent pronouncements from the WHO declared that red meat increased risk of cancer. I found it interesting that processed meat was lumped in with the data and recommendation, so if you don't eat processed red meat, is the recommendation still the same? Well draw your own conclusion, but here is a very interesting overview … Continue reading Steak and Stir Fried Chinese Veggies

Avoid Slowing Down Your Metabolism

Slowing down your metabolism will eventually lead to weight gain. One of the advantages of an LCHF lifestyle is that your are not eating too few calories, just eating the right ones Intermittent fasting on the other hand has many health advantages without the risk of slowing metabolism.The entire strategy of weight loss with intermittent … Continue reading Avoid Slowing Down Your Metabolism

I can’t believe its not butter!

This is what real butter looks like Ingredients: Milk Fat 80% min, Salt 2% max In case there is any confusion....the following picture is not butter, this is an artificial spread and will wreak havoc with your health. Ingredients: Cream, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Salt (1.7%), Colour (Carotenes) Any butter type product with a lid should … Continue reading I can’t believe its not butter!

Banting (LCHF) to Reclaim your Life starts Wednesday Sept 7th

Further to my recent talk  “Banting (LCHF) to Reclaim your Life”, my group is now open to join here The first one hour group meeting will be held at Tolka Rovers Football Club, Glasnevin on  Wednesday , September 7th starting promptly at 8pm. The group is a very effective way to learn how to live and … Continue reading Banting (LCHF) to Reclaim your Life starts Wednesday Sept 7th