My Story

This blog aims to share the benefits of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), also known as Banting, as a way of eating.

There is overwhelming evidence now of the damaging effects of sugar and processed food, the following is an excellent article from the UK cardiologist Aseem Malhotra on the topic.

We have been taught that the low fat diet is the way humans should eat for optimum health. However a low fat diet means a high carbohydrate diet. In the simplest of terms, carbohydrates cause a spike in insulin which drives appetite and promotes fat storage. An LCHF diet on the other hand results in better insulin control, appetite control and better overall health in every respect. This has been proven to be the case in many properly controlled ramdomised trials.

You can hear more about my own personal story here

I am also a Certified Banting Coach for Real Meal Revolution.

Some excellent websites to help get a really good understanding of LCHF include